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Merchant Rewards


Imagine, a merchant rewards program that pays YOU

in cash every month at no additional cost!


Every penny really does make a difference...

As business owners we know the cost of doing business.  And we understand the value of giving to a worthy cause. Provisia has designed a painless way to save and give! 

Our MerchantRewards program is an innovative, giving forward program that provides a consistent way to receive cash rewards every month.  This is accomplished when you use a PROVISIA merchant account for processing your debit/credit card transactions.  PROVISIA will then dedicate a cash portion of the merchant fees you already pay each month - back to you or forward it to the charity of your choice. 

Our Promise to You!

  • Analyze and lower your existing merchant rates
  • Cash rewards every month that you control

Best of all, YOU the merchant will not incur any additional fees or costs. PROVISIA will continue to pay financial rewards indefinitely as long as you are participating with us. 

Getting Started is Simple!

Step 1   Provide PROVISIA two recent monthly merchant 
             statements for a FREE Analysis.

Step 2   Review your FREE comparative Rate Analysis.

Step 3   Make the switch to PROVISIA

Step 4   Begin your monthly rewards!

Remember, YOU control the destination of every cash reward!

The Team at PROVISIA looks forward to coming alongside merchants like YOU that are looking to make a difference!